Course Modules and Evaluations

BMENA Ethics Organization offers training courses in the following subject areas.

Required Courses

All individuals who wish to receive a certificate of completion must finish the following modules and take both the pre- and post- quizzes:

Authorship and Publication


Biosafety and Biosecurity

Collaborative Research

Conflicts of Interest

Data Management

Intellectual Property Rights

Laboratory Management


Peer Review

Sponsored Research

Research Misconduct

Elective Courses

We strongly encourage participants to take all of these courses as well.

However, if your work does not involve any of the following subjects, you do not need to complete the course for that subject. For each subject, you must take the pre- and post- quizzes.

Animals: Basic Ethics and Regulations

Animals: Animal Care

Chemical Safety

Human Subjects

Radiation Safety

Please complete the Course Evaluation Form once you have completed all required modules.

Course Evaluation Form

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