About Us

BMENABioethics.org stemmed from a project initially funded by the U.S. Department of the State – Bioengagement Program (BEP) to develop a program for the responsible conduct of science within the Broader Middle East and North African (BMENA) Region.

The purpose of the project is to:

  • Design, develop, and implement a comprehensive mentorship program for young and early career scientists in the BMENA region.
  • Develop a number of training and educational modules on various aspects of responsible conduct of science (e.g. biorisk management, ethical treatment of research subjects, research misconduct, data management, authorship, laboratory management, mentorship, etc.).
  • Enhance the existing methodologies for a comprehensive mentoring programs.

The objective of this project:

Is to establish a sustainable and effective training and mentoring program for early career scientists that would enable them to participate in safe and secure research collaborations with their colleagues within and outside of the BMENA region.

The program’s goals are:

To train a cadre of early career young scientists with an understanding of the potential hazards associated with research using infectious agents. One aim of the program is to provide participants with the tools needed to implement internationally adopted Biorisk management strategies for the control of potential hazards from chemicals and ionizing radiation. The program is also designed to train young scientists in the areas of collaborative research and responsible research by engaging them in educational and discussion forums with subject matter experts.



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